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Who's Gonna Steal the Show?!!

stephanie head

Written by: Stephanie Schrenk


Prototype Multimedia - Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

Monthly at 8:00 PM -  Facebook page »

Huntsville's newest game show is gaining a cult following, and we at Know Huntsville wanted to see what all the buzz was about. The Grand Prize advertised on their Facebook page is $100, so I volunteered to go in order to witness wacky game show antics and potentially win some cash.

Hosted in Lowe Mill's First Floor Connector, Steal the Show randomly picks three people from the audience. These lucky ducks will then sing, act, and dance their way through the show. The audience favorite will win cold hard cash. What's not to like?

As luck would have it, my friend and I both were chosen as two of the contestants. We were rushed backstage where all manner of wigs, clothes, and attachable apparatuses were put on us before each of our skits. A live band backed each "performance" and smooth talking, shady host took us through each scene.

Although I stumbled through twerking to "Crazy in Love", my screams as a patient with a weird growth in the hospital sketch was authentic enough to sway the audience. I was the lucky receiver of $100 smackeroos, but the experience alone was a blast.